Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to go to one specific office?

Both the Rochester Hills and Shelby office are available to you at your convenience.

Do I have to see one specific provider?

All of our medical staff is available to you. You are not bound to the PCP assigned to your insurance.

What if I'm not sure if it's necessary to bring my child in? What can I do?

If you have any questions in regards to your child’s health you may call either office and leave a message for the medical staff. In a timely manner your phone call will be returned and triaged.

Is there medical staff I can talk to after hours?

Our medical staff is available on-call, after office closings seven days a week.  Just call 248‑584‑6123.

Can someone else bring my child in for an appointment if mom and dad are not available?

Yes. In the event your child is ill and only a caregiver can bring them in, proper documentation is required. See Medical Treatment Authorization Form.

I received a bill in the mail, how can I pay it?

You may make a credit/debit card payment over the phone with either office. You may also mail in your payment with either a cash or check payment method. Making your payment at any time of the day through the Patient Portal is a quick and easy way.  We are happy to provide you with a receipt.

We are moving and/or transferring out of the practice, how can I obtain a copy of my children's' medical records?

We’re sad to see you leave. Due to HIPPA guidelines and regulations, a medical release fee will be required. See Medical Release Form. Please call the office for further information.

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Rochester Hills Office

633 E South Blvd., Ste. 2400
Rochester Hills MI 48307

(248) 879-5570

Hours By Appointment Only

Monday through Friday: 8am – 5pm
Phones are turned off daily at 4:45pm
Saturday: 8am – 11am
Sunday: Closed

Shelby Twp. Office

50720 Schoenherr Rd.
Shelby Township, MI 48315

(586) 566-2340

Hours By Appointment Only

Monday through Friday: 8am – 5pm
Phones are turned off daily at 4:45pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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